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Become the highly effective and inspiring business leader you’ve always wanted to be!

We do business education a bit differently here. We focus on you. In our business learning programs, you work on you and your business. We coach, mentor and guide you, keeping you accountable to your personal and professional goals, through our unique educational coaching method.

Looking to gain a Qualification?

If qualifications are of value to you, we can explore recognising your real-world skills and experiences through our personalised Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process

We know what support is needed when learning and leading business.

How, you ask?


Explore just some of the ways our business and leadership programs are different.


Learnivation Live

Our learning programs are run by live video-based workshops and group coaching and mentoring.

Our live sessions run for an hour each enabling you enough time to absorb the new knowledge without losing your focus!

Each session zones in on one topic area to support you in your stage of business. One simple focus ensures you remember the knowledge and implement your new skills.

Our Live Sessions are capped at 10 participants, so you will get hands-on attention from our accredited business trainers and coaches.

Learnivation Learning

Each topic within the module has an online interactive lesson, that you can do at your own pace. Within the lesson, we will share, videos, links, articles and other supportive resources to help you build your business brain. You will also be supported by a range of additional learning resources including self-paced reading lessons to support each live lesson and a range of implementable learning activities which will bring your learning to life!


Learnivation Q & A

Each week we encourage you to ask a range of questions to our accredited business trainers and coaches, using our video Q&A platform. We then record a live video response addressing each of the questions posed for the week. This keeps you accountable for expanding your knowledge on the topic and evolving as a business leader!


Learnivation Watch

As our knowledge grows along-side yours we are expanding our range of supportive videos. This space is your very own business channel featuring local business experts across Australia.

Learnivation Tools

Word documents, excel and other traditional business software can easily restrict the innovation of a business leader. We expand on these tools through the use of Miro, an online collaborative whiteboard style business tool, plus a range of others. As a member of Learnivation, you will receive a free licence to Miro and access to all of our specialist business tools and templates that will feed into this platform and a range of other innovative business tools. Once you start with our tools, you’ll never go back!

Learnivation Groups

Within each module or course, you enrol you in, you will join a private learner group. Our groups are your personal space to be able to connect, collaborate with and be supported by others who are on the journey with you. In addition to the course based groups, we offer a Learnivation community of all of our business leaders, which is an online brilliant business network, that is backed by privacy and a strong code fo conduct, this community will stay with often support well after the course has concluded.


Learnivation Groups

 Within each learning program you enrol you in, you will join a private learner group.

Our groups are your personal space to be able to connect, collaborate with and be supported by others who are on the journey with you.

In addition to the program based groups, you will be able to access a wider community of all of the business leaders involved with us, which is a  brilliant online business network.

Our community is is governed by a strong code of conduct, protecting you and your ideas.

You will have access to our  community long after the  program has concluded. A great benefit to your business as you continue to grow!


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