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Industry leaders—the trailblazers actively cultivating their fields, the architects of our future.
They're at the forefront, but crafting engaging, hands-on, relatable and fun education experiences often isn't their forte. That's where Learnivation, a brainchild of Learning Coach, comes into play.

We collaborate with these industry trailblazers, the visionaries actively shaping the future of their fields, to harness their real-world expertise and transform it into immersive learning quests.

Future-Proof Your Skills: Embark on a learning quest with us and gain the in-demand skills you need to thrive in the ever-evolving industries. Partner with us to pave the way to nationally recognised qualifications and credentials.

Our Current Co-Labs

A Current Co-Lab

Certificate III in Events

Real-World Skills for 16-19 year olds
Learn how to produce world events...by producing them!
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STUFFit Student Enterprises is revolutionising youth education on the Sunshine Coast! They're leading the way in providing cutting-edge, immersive experiences for young creatives aged 12-19, specifically focused on the thriving events and screen industries.

Empowering the Next Generation: STUFFit is dedicated to nurturing the next wave of creative professionals. Through their programs, students are exposed to hands-on learning environments, allowing them to hone their skills and gain valuable experience by working towards a recognised event. This approach fosters passion, builds confidence, and equips students with the tools they need to succeed.

We are super excited and proud to be collaborating with Stuffit, to offer an innovative Qualification Quest. Our collaboration is enabling stuffit's learners to  certify their real-world events expertise with a nationally recognised SIT30522 Certificate III in Events.

Our collaboration ensures students not only acquire practical skills but also gain industry-recognised credentials at the conclusion of their journey, giving them a competitive edge in the job market!

Stuffit Student Film Festival 

STUFFit Student Enterprises Pty Ltd leads the way in delivering cutting-edge educational experiences in the events and screen industries for youths aged 12 to 19 on the Sunshine Coast. Committed to fostering the next wave of creative professionals, we provide immersive, hands-on learning environments. In collaboration with industry leaders, we've forged a unique Qualification Quest, certifying students' real-world events expertise with a SIT30522 Certificate III in Events.

Assistance Dog Training & Certifications

We've partnered with Human Paws, renowned for their expertise in animal training, and the esteemed Working Animals Federation of Australia (WAF), a respected certifying body.

 Together, we're offering a unique program focused on Assistance Dog training.

This program offers the Assistance Dog skillsets from the nationally recognised Certificate IV in Animal Training and Behaviour (ACM40322).

 Combined with our collaboration with WAF, this program opens a clear pathway to earning the prestigious WAFA Assistance Dog Trainer Credential.

Migrant Business Ready Program

Witness the ongoing impact of our third-year program intake: Empowering proactive migrant entrepreneurs along the Sunshine Coast to kickstart their businesses.

Crafted in partnership with the Sunshine Coast Council, this program is tailored to equip migrants with essential business skills, transforming visions into reality. Immerse yourself in collaborative learning and networking, seamlessly integrating you into the vibrant business and industry fabric of the Sunshine Coast.

Build Your Skills

Boost your confidence, master your industry, become a certified professional. Learn the tools used by the world's top professionals. Gain support at every step of your growth journey.

Learn Quests

Embark on a Learning Quest to gain insights into the latest industry ideologies straight from industry experts.
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Skills Quest

Join our Skills Quest: Cultivate industry skills in the field, accelerating skill acquisition with expert guidance. Quickly gain confidence in your profession and achieve your goals.
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Qualification Quests

Qualification Quest: Earn nationally recognised qualifications to validate your expertise. 
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Credential Quests

Gain official recognition for your skills with industry-backed credentials.
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Learn from Industry Leaders:

Gain insights and practical knowledge from the best in your field, backed by educational leaders who know how to delivery the content in ways you will simply get.

Benefit from Expert Guidance & Support:

Receive personalised support from mentors, coaches, and guides throughout your journey.

Pursue Real-World Outcomes:

Develop in-demand skills that translate into tangible results for your career, organisation or business.


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