Hey you, I’m Marsha.

I’m a ‘big picture’ thinker, who understands that we must take a holistic approach to everything we do in life. I started my first business at 19 and have been involved in starting, developing and successfully exiting a variety of business projects over the last 20 years. Never satisfied with the idea of a repetitive job, working daily for someone else. I chose to see what I could achieve as a business owner. I wanted to see just how much I could grow as a person. It was the right decision. I continue to grow and push myself outside of my comfort zone every day.  Holding qualifications in Coaching, Training, Business, and Finance, I have earned myself the reputation of a respected and sought-after Business Coach and Mentor for business.


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My Why


For me its about leaving a legacy


I do what I do because… Because supporting people lights a fire in my belly. Because solving things motivates me. Because I love relationships. Because we all deserve to be rewarded for our efforts. Because when I show up as me, and am being who I am, I attract like minded people who inspire me.


marsha boyle learnivation

I have a unique ability to see the overarching issues that hold people back from achieving success and turn these around through simple and effective strategies. In my coaching and mentoring practice, I work one on one with business owners and leaders to create sustainability and profitability in their business as well as implement a work-life balance. 

Truly passionate about business and learning, I’m a strong advocate that the journey of business is also a journey of the self. It allows you to be of service in creating a better world while shaping you as a better human. As part of the operational and creative team behind Learnivation, I’m really in my element, doing what I love. Learnivation is a platform for me to nurture the unlimited potential of every student. It’s also a project that personally rewards me as I get the privilege to witnesses the transformation in my students through the business journey to a thriving and meaningful life.