Learn by doing 

In our programs, you actively learn and experience business concepts by applying them to your own business. As accredited coaches, we know that it’s how you will gain life-long practical skills.

Learn bit by bit with our bite-sized chunks of learning

Upgrade your skills and knowledge in a way that works for you. Each of our programs is a short course small enough to fit in your schedule. Adaptable and 100% focused on you and your business.

You can choose as many programs as you want or enrol in one of our learning streams (a strategic series of learning program) to work towards a bigger goal, starting a business, improving your personal and professional leadership.

Our central focus is on providing you with the most innovative, adaptive and rewarding learning experiences to grow you both personally and professionally. All our Learning Programs start with our signature program the Human Optimiser.

Our Signature Program:

Human Optimiser Program

Thanks to neuroscience, we now know that all human potential is unlimited. Are you living up to yours?

This module is designed to empower you as an individual, to reach your full potential, to give you clarity on your professional goals and to find your purpose in life. 

We truly believe that if you align your business with your personal purpose, it becomes your lifework and a tool that will help you lead a meaningful life. 

If you want to experience your fair share of ah-ha moments Express your Interest!

Our Learning Streams:

The Futurepreneur Learning Stream

Take the leap! We activate your ideas, teach you the skills and knowledge you need to create a successful business. And we support you in this transitioning time.

Check out our  Futurepreneurs Learning Stream 

The Leaderpreneur Learning Stream

Let’s scale your business to the next level! All you need is the ultimate leadership toolkit to make the best decisions for your business. 

Check out our Leaderpreneurs Learning Stream  

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Common Questions

If I start with a learning program can I go on to gain units of competency or skill sets within a qualification?

Yes, you can apply to complete a qualification with us, under a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process.

When you feel you have recognisable real-world experience, skills and knowledge we can step you through the process of recognising your prior learning experiences to gain a nationally-recognised qualification. 

I have prior experience, can I get recognition of my prior learning or experiences?

Yes you can. We offer full recognition of prior learning pathways for all of our units of competencies and qualifications. Simply chat with us about how to determine what you might be able to get recognition for. 

Can I get credits for previous units of competency I have completed?

Yes, you can. If you have already completed a unit of competency that sits within a qualification you plan to enrol in with us, we can explore a credit. Chat with us today

I’m not sure if I need or what a qualification, what do you recommend

If you’re not sure, why not sign up for one of our learning programs, get to know us and what we are about and along the way we can explore if a qualification is for you. 

That way you can test our ways of doing things and when you love it, you can explore recognising your skills and knowledge with an accredited skill set or full qualification later or simply keep enrolling in a learning program and consider this later.

 We also encourage you to lock in a FREE Need Analysis Session with one of our accredited business coaches, so you can get a better feel of our process before signing up.