Within our micro-module and courses you will learn by doing. 

As accredited business trainers and successful business creators, managers and leaders, we know the quickest way to learn business is by teaching you as you ‘do’ it.


Within our courses, we are committed to teaching you ‘how’ to take your business ideas and turn them into successful business and career outcomes.

Learn bit by bit with our bite-sized chunk of learning…

Upgrade your skills and knowledge in a way that works for you. Each of our Micro-Modules is a short course small enough to fit in with all of the other stuff your up to. Undertake more than one Micro-Module and you will be on your way to work your way to completing a qualification. All of our programs start with the Human Optimiser. 

Human Optimiser Micro-Module

Do you have the tools and know-how to lead your life, career and or business?
Thanks to neuroscience, we now know that all human potential is unlimited. Are you living up to your potential?
The human optimiser module is designed to empower you as an individual with a toolkit that will assist you in optimising your life, career or business.

The pathways our Micro-Modules could lead you to…

Starting out in business?

If you are a newbie to the world of business or have been dabbling but feel you need more business know-how, check out our  Futurepreneurs Program‘ this course is here to support you in building the business skills and knowledge you need to grow your business ideas!

4 micro-modules that contribute to 1 qualification! 


BSB30220 Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business

Our Futurepreneurs Program empowers you to explore your passions, leverage off your strengths and stretch yourself into domains you may never have thought possible, through designing and building out your business ideas. Every step of the way, the things we teach you, you will implement and activate within your own business.

Don’t spend hours learning things about business without building your business out. Within this program, we teach you how to start a business or optimise an existing business by guiding you while you actually do it.

Already leading a business?

Wanting to take your business to the next level? 

Check out our Leaderpreneurs Program‘ this course is here to support you in building out your next strategic step as a business leader.

4 micro-modules that contribute to 1 qualification!  

BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

In this course, you’ll gain an appreciation of how business is enhanced through leadership. In this hands-on program, you’ll implement the latest theories of leadership by upgrading your interpersonal and leadership skills, building your team, enhancing your customer’s experience and ultimately strengthening your business future.

Ready to get started?
Find out if your eligible…

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Common Questions

If I start with a micro module can I go on to complete a full qualification?

Yes you can! You can jump into a micro module and when you love it, you can enrol in the rest of the micro modules that enable you to complete the entire qualification.

I have prior experience, can I get recognition of my prior learning or experiences?

Yes you can. We offer full recognition of prior learning pathways for all of our units of competencies and qualifications. Simply chat to us about how to determine what you might be able to get recognition for. Chat to us today!

Can I get credits for previous units of competency I have completed?

Yes you can. If you have already completed a unit of competency that sits within a qualification you plan to enrol with us, we can explore a credit. Chat to us today!

I’m not sure if this is for me, can I test it first?

 Of course! If you’re not sure, why not sign up for a micro-module first, that way you can test our ways of doing things and when you love it, you can upgrade to a full qualification or simply keep enrolling in micro-modules as you go along.

We also encourage you to lock in a FREE Revelation Session with on of our accredited business coaches, so you get a better feel for process before you sign up!