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Course ​​Intro

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As a business leader, you know that you are at your most productive when you have a positive mindset and feel at your happiest. Many studies have shown that to be motivated and productive, you need to work with purpose. 

According to neuroscience, your potential as a human is unlimited! And there’s no reason not to live up to yours. 

We designed the Human Optimiser Program to empower you as an individual, to reach your full potential, to give you clarity on your professional goals and to find your purpose in life.

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The Learning agenda

The module is broken down into 4 sections:

Personal Purpose

We dive into your own brain to define who you are, clarify your values and your beliefs, We then guide you to discover what personal purpose is calling to you. 

Defining a personal purpose helps you see your life clearer and increase your motivation.

Personal Planning

A vision without a plan is but just a wish!

We will help you cut down the path to your vision into reachable and achievable goals. You will make a clear plan to live with purpose.

Personal Profiling 

Some of us like facts while others prefer ideas. Some of us trust systems while others place their faith in feelings. This is called ‘Cognitive Diversity’.

 You will get to decode the way you think with the science of the Hermann’s Brain Dominance Instrument. You will learn to know yourself better to improve the way you work and live. 

Personal Performance

Learning without doing is just theory! 

We help you implement the necessary changes in your life to transform the way you live and reach your new-found vision. By making your goals a reality, you will gain a deep level of satisfaction both personally and professionally.

We facilitate this period of transition by sharing supportive tools and techniques so you can live with purpose.


Course Content

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0. Human Optimisation Introduction
Personal Purpose
Personal Planning
Personal Profiling
Personal Performance
Module Finalisation