Leaderpreneurs Learning Stream

Be the best leader you can be!

Our Leaderpreneurs Learning Stream will help you understand how business is enhanced through leadership. 

In this hands-on Learning Stream, you will upgrade your interpersonal and leadership skills, build your team, enhance your customer’s experience and ultimately strengthen your business’ future.

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Strategic Planning 

You’ll take a project that you want to grow and learn how to be innovative in its development through strategic planning. With a strong focus on your customers’ experience, you will develop a tool-kit that will scale your business.

Learning Leadership

We continue to guide you to build your tool-kit for leadership in business in this module. You will focus on understanding effective communication and learn how to develop emotional intelligence and apply this to drive the team involved in operating your business. You’ll learn how to be self-motivated and motivate others through mentoring and coaching. 

Leading with Innovation

You’ll put everything you’ve learned in this model together to create teams to drive growth in your business. You’ll offer your products and/or services to a clearly defined market and lead your team to set and reach KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). You’ll identify the skill gaps in your team and build the capacity to overcome these, through learning how to implement the right training. You will measure your business and team performance and ensure each team member is working effectively towards your business goals and strategic growth plan.

What’s involved?

We support you with a range of learning methods to meet your needs, including:

Learnivation Live

Our live sessions run for an hour each over a live video call. They will focus on one topic area per session, supporting you in your business stage. We will play with ideas and expand your understanding of using hands-on learning techniques to support you in experiencing the concepts shared. Our Live sessions are capped at 10 participants so that you will get hands-on attention from our accredited Business Coaches and Trainers.

Learnivation Q&A

Each week we encourage you to ask us relevant business questions using our video Q&A platform. We then record a live video response from one of our accredited business trainers, addressing each week’s questions, which goes into our video library.

Learnivation Modules 

Each topic within the module has an online interactive lesson that you can do at your own pace. Within the lesson, we will share, videos, links, articles and other supportive resources to help you build your business brain.

Learnivation Socials

Our social space supports our members to connect and collaborate. Much like a privatised Facebook, you will have your own profile page, access to groups aligned with the courses you enrol in, and connect with all of our learners, the perfect way to network and leverage your business ideas. Take on any of our courses, programs or micro-modules, and you will free access* to this supportive community.

Learnivation Groups

Groups are the incubation groups you are enrolled in with each course or micro-module you take. A private group for all of our members to connect, collaborate with and be supported by others who are experiencing the same things as you. This is a brilliant business network backed by a strong code of conduct and privacy policy. This community will support you well after the course has concluded.

Learnivation Connections

Share and connect with our like-minded community members. Look up, connect with and refer to other Learnivation members. Be supported the more you do this with incentives, promotions and accreditations.

Learnivation Watch

As our knowledge grows along-side yours, we expand our range of supportive videos. This space is your very own business channel featuring local business experts across Australia.

*Learnivation only guarantees free access to our community while enrolled in our courses.

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