12. Ways of Leading

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What is leadership anyway? Leadership has nothing to do with seniority or one’s position in the hierarchy of a company, business, job or family.

The purpose of this session is to take a deeper dive into what makes up an effective leader,  in both our personal and professional lives. We will explore ways you can better lead yourself and others. 


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Leadership is the social influence that maximises the efforts of others towards a shared purpose, goal or objective. A brilliant skill set to have to be able to live out your purpose, achieve your missions and fulfil your potential!

Ways of leading are identifying actions or behaviours that help you lead by example on a daily or weekly basis in alignment with your goal. Bringing the goal into a social space and sharing it with others can help you keep accountable. Leading by example with people who you trust and value their opinions can be a very good motivator. Let’s get started!


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