7. Awareness

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In order to do anything successfully in life, you must have awareness and knowledge of the topic you plan to tackle. As your life is reliant on you as the key ingredient of what it is, you need first to understand how you as a person tick.

Within this section of the course, we will aim to build awareness of how you:

  • Think
  • Work
  • Lead

This section of the course will be facilitated around one of our favourite psychometric profiling tools. The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), is a thinking preference profiling tool that will support you in building a deeper awareness of how you think, work and lead your life both personally and professionally.

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We aim to help you build a deeper understanding of how you think. Knowledge of self is a toolkit that will enable you to adjust your life to better live out your purpose, achieve your vision and realise your goals. Click on the topics below to learn more.