9. Metamorphosis

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Can you imagine that the beautiful butterflies were once slimy leaf-grubbing caterpillars that were hatched from eggs? They go through a process of transformation called metamorphosis before becoming the specimen of attraction and magnificence that we know them to be. Beneath this attraction, however, is not only the varied set of colours in their wings but, most importantly, a much more powerful phenomenon – change. 

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Change is not the exclusive right of the butterflies. It happens to us all; it is a natural process, should we allow it. Whether we are aware of it or not, change is in the continuum – it is always taking place in our lives, just like the metamorphosis of the butterflies. This is the essence of this lesson, to change us from who we are to who we ought to or want to be. 

This section of our Program is all about facilitating you to change in the ways that will support you optimising your life and the business you attend to.

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