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Hello & Welcome!

We are so excited to be working with you on this new journey for your life and business!

Our mission in this space is to provide you with the tools, to activate your growth in life and business.

This space is yours to explore, to learn, to create, to innovate and active your growth in both your personal and professional life.

Let’s Explore… 

This guide was designed to give you an idea of what the journey your entering will look like, with us working together. To access your learning space, you will need to make sure you are logged in. Once you login, you will see a new menu pop up. This is your go to for accessing your course, micro-modules and all of the additional tools we offer you as part of this journey.

Click on each of the words below, to get to know what each of the icon’s in your learner menu mean. Clicking on the image will take you to the page in a pop-up browser.

Learnivation icon micro module idea generation
Learnivation icon micro module idea generation
Learnivation icon micro module idea generation
Learnivation icon micro module idea generation
Learnivation icon micro module idea generation

Our social space supports our members to connect and collaborate. Much like a privatised Facebook, you will have your own profile page, access to groups aligned with the courses you enrol in, and connect with all of our learners, the perfect way to network and leverage your business ideas. 


Groups are the incubation groups you are enrolled in with each course or micro-module you take. A private group for all of our members to connect, collaborate with and be supported by others who are experiencing the same things as you. This is a brilliant business network backed by a strong code of conduct and privacy policy. This community will support you well after the course has concluded.


Each week we encourage you to ask us relevant business questions using our video Q&A platform. We then record a live video response from one of our accredited business trainers, addressing each week’s questions, which goes into our video library.


This is your direct link to our strategic thinking and planning tool Miro. We use what you develop in Miro to draft out many of your assessment activities and some of the activities we will play with in our live workshop sessions. For privacy purposes, you will receive a separate invite via email to access Miro.


This space is full of video-based resources featuring local business experts across Australia sharing their expert knowledge with you. As our knowledge base grows along-side yours, we will continue to expand our range of supportive videos resources.

Let’s keep going… 

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