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Problems are the very first thing you work within in the Ideation Loop. Remember the ideation loop can be used at any stage of business. It can be used to create and refine a business idea, it can also be used to create and refine product and service ideas to fit within an existing business.

The only real difference in using it for a business overall or a product or service overall is that if you use it for the business, you might have branch versions for each of your products and services that go into deeper levels of detail as your business grows and evolves.

The focus for this lesson is for you to define and refine one business or product and or services problem into one problem statement. You can work with more than one problem, but be mindful,  you must have a different ideation loop per problem, for it to work effectively

problem 3

The outcome of you completing this lesson will be for you to have at least one clear problem statement. The problem statement will clarify the focus of the rest of your ideation loop.

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