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What to Expect…

What to expect from your Trainer and Coach 

As an accredited business trainer and coach, it is our role to facilitate your growth both personally and professionally. It is our role, to ensure that you understand:

  • the topics, concepts and learning resources 
  • your assessment requirements and responsibilities

It is our responsibility to ensure that you feel:

  • Comfortable 
  • Supported 
  • Respected

One of the unique things about our program facilitators is that they too run a successful business outside of Learnivation. Some of our trainers are running more than one, as a result, this does make them rather busy people. However, we do pride ourselves on being accessible. We will do our best to ensure we respond to you as soon as possible. At worst, we aim to respond to any questions or concerns you may have within 48 business hours.

We take great pride in ensuring that all of our learners, especially you, receive a learning experience that trailers to your individual needs both personally and professionally.

Should you feel we can improve the way we communicate, connect and support you and your learning experience, please let us know at any point along the way.

What to expect from the Live Workshops. 

One of the things that makes us unique is that we have a very strong focus on hands-on learning. Our workshops are designed with this learning method in mind.

Within each of our workshop sessions, we focus on one primary topic. We will explore this by sharing stories, concepts and the latest research findings. We will play with activities so that you can grasp the concepts shared in your own ways. We will encourage you to reflect on what you’ve learnt in the activity to help reinforce your understanding.

Please note, as part of the qualification requirements, workshop attendance is mandatory. 

Please ensure if you are unable to attend a session for a reasonable reason you let your trainer and coach know at least an hour before the workshop. It will be your responsibility to arrange a method to catch up any missed sessions. Your trainer will certainly support wherever possible. 

For example, with the permission obtained from the other attendees we may record the session you must miss. However as our workshops are so hands-on the best results arise from your participation in the workshop.

What we expect from you. 

Within your learning space, you have a mission.  Your mission here, if you choose to accept is to:

  • Be present. This means to show up and show up on time. But to be here with us. It means to be focused on the activities that occur in the space while you’re in the space.


  • Being present means Reduce all distractions, you will turn off your phone, your email notifications and all other distractions, aside from what you’re focusing on in this space.


  • Listen generously, respect the speaker, along the journey we will learn the benefits of global listening but the first step is to learn to stop while others are talking.


  • This space is an assumption/judgement-free zone. For learning to be effective, you need to be open-minded, this space from here on in is a zone free from judgement.


  • When you speak in any of our share spaces, speak with gratitude / speak from the heart / speak without judgement.


  • Actively participate, the strongest growth for you both professionally and personally will come from your commitment to the process, which means being accountable to participating and completing the tasks, activities and learning on time!

    Are you ready for to take on this mission?!