Futurepreneurs Program (test)

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BSB30220 Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business

Our Futurepreneurs Program empowers you to explore your passions, leverage off your strengths and stretch yourself into domains you may never have thought possible, through designing and building out your business ideas. Every step of the way, the things we teach you, you will implement and activate within your own business.

Don’t spend hours learning things about business without building your business out. Within this program, we teach you how to start a business or optimise an existing business by guiding you while you actually do it.

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In this program, you’ll create and activate your very own business. You’ll get the first-hand experience of taking an idea, refining it and creating a strategically designed business playbook that will give you the steps to make your idea a ‘pitchable’ one or an operational business selling you very own products or services. You’ll learn everything you need to give you a grounded knowledge to build strong business foundations. You will experience a positive shift in your life when empowered by activating your business ideas.

From the very beginning of our program, we put you in the driver's seat behind your business life.

Module Zero: Human Optimiser

The statistics of start-up failure are high, why? Many give up before they really start. They drop off or pull out at the first roadblock, the first hurdle or business hardship.  Many don’t know what it really takes to design, construct, create and activate a business. They are missing vital ingredient. We know the performance (thinking and behaviour) of the leader driving the business is the key ingredient to successful business outcomes. That is why we start here, we plan to optimise you as the leader in the business. This module will give you the skills and ‘know-how' required to persist, innovate and continue to create successful business outcomes when times get rough. 

 In this module, you’ll learn how and why you think and behave in the ways you do. This will then empower you to optimise the way you think and behave in order to achieve your business goals.  No longer will you be able to hide behind or be limited by your own fears, ‘what if's or ‘too hards'. Through learning the secrets of business leadership, a whole new world of possibility will open in front of you.

This micro-module is delivered over 12 weeks and accredited by two units of competency, contributing to the BSB30220 Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business:

  • BSBPEF403 Lead personal development
  • BSBPEF302 Develop self-awareness

Module One: Idea Validator

We believe all dreams are ideas waiting to be activated. In this module, we show you how to refine and validate your ideas so that you can start your new business, product or service. We support you to test and trial your thoughts, identifying real markets and customers for who you could sell your new products or services!

Kickstart your ideas supported by us (people who have done it).

In this module, you will learn what it takes to create a business. You will develop your idea (what we call Idea Generation) You’ll learn how to conceptualise, collaborate and communicate with others, playing with ideas in order to open up new business and life realities. Through understanding the foundations of business, you will grow your ideas. You'll undertake in-depth market research, test and trial your ideas before you go officially live. You will learn in your very own playground, supported by an accredited Business Trainer and Coach. Testing and trialling your ideas will build your confidence whilst preventing business mistakes. You will refine, refresh and expand your business ideas, so you can confidently meet the market in preparation for module two, Business Design. Explore more here.

This micro-module is delivered over 12 weeks and accredited by two units of competency, contributing to the BSB30220 Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business:

  • BSBCRT411 Apply critical thinking to work practices
    BSBCRT412 Articulate, present and debate ideas
  • BSBESB301 Investigate business opportunities

Module Two: Business Designer

Busines Designer Micro Module.

We know that success in both life and business grows from knowing what actions to implement and when to do it. In this module, we walk you through each area of your business, so that you know exactly what areas to focus on when you are designing and upgrading the areas of your business and it’s products and services.

You will use our unique and innovative business tools to map out the actions and strategic steps it will take for you to build your new products and services, your new business so that you can start leading your new life. Take the next step in optimising your ideas, supported by tools and techniques that have been proven by others (just like yourself) to work!

In Business Design you begin to use what you learned in module one to turn your ideas into a tangible business model. We will guide you through this process to develop an actionable business playbook (modernise plan), with specific goals and targets that you will implement and action in module three (3). We’ll look closely at your vision, service strategy, business model, your customer’s journey and how to design a digital strategy. You’ll integrate all of this into a Business Playbook activating the stepping stones that will build the foundations for your sustainable business. 

Your playbook will not only relate to the business, but to you and your ideal life. For a business to really work, it must not only fit in, but support and ideally activate your desired lifestyle. Every step of the way, when designing your business we will check in with you and ensure that your business supports your lifestyle design.

This module is accredited by the following units of competency:

BSBCRT411 Apply critical thinking to work practices
BSBESB301 Investigate business opportunities
BSBCRT412 Articulate, present and debate ideas

Module Three: Business Builder

This module is all about taking your business ideas and turning them into your own personal business and life reality. This is where all the learning, tests and trials you have experienced in the last two modules and planned outcomes get executed.

We’ll use the Business Playbook you created in module two to determine the actions you need to take to build your business in the ‘real world’, you will start to strengthen your brand and sell your products or services.

In this space, you’ll start to shift out of the idea zone and build an understanding of what it is going to take, to grow your business. You will start building business assets like great leadership, strategic workflows and optimised business operational policies and procedures. You’ll learn how to run your business effectively and efficiently in alignment with your ideal life.  The foundations you learn here will set you up with the knowledge you need to understand the role of leadership and effective operations of your business.

This module is a precursor to The Leaderpreneur Program (underpinned by Certificate IV in Leadership and Management) which empowers you to drive your business operations and develop personally through coaching and mentoring in Leadership.

This module is accredited by the following units of competency:

BSBESB305 Address compliance requirements for new business ventures
BSBESB303 Organise finances for new business ventures
BSBESB304 Determine resource requirements for new business ventures

An accredited pathway

Qualify your skills and experience with a Qualification

Our program is underpinned by BSB30220 Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business

If you adequately complete all of the playbook steps within the program you may be eligible for the Nationally recognised qualification; Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business with the following units of competency;

Flexible online lessonsHow long is the micro-module?

Each of our micro modules run over 12 weeks.

What’s involved?

We support you with a range of learning methods to meet your needs, including:

Learnivation Live

Our live sessions run for an hour each over a live video call. They will focus on one topic area per session, supporting you in your business stage. We will play with ideas and expand your understanding of using hands-on learning techniques to support you in experiencing the concepts shared. Our Live sessions are capped at 10 participants so that you will get hands-on attention from our accredited Business Coaches and Trainers.

Learnivation Q&A

Each week we encourage you to ask us relevant business questions using our video Q&A platform. We then record a live video response from one of our accredited business trainers, addressing each week's questions, which goes into our video library.

Learnivation Modules 

Each topic within the module has an online interactive lesson that you can do at your own pace. Within the lesson, we will share, videos, links, articles and other supportive resources to help you build your business brain.

Learnivation Socials

Our social space supports our members to connect and collaborate. Much like a privatised Facebook, you will have your own profile page, access to groups aligned with the courses you enrol in, and connect with all of our learners, the perfect way to network and leverage your business ideas. Take on any of our courses, programs or micro-modules, and you will free access* to this supportive community.

Learnivation Groups

Groups are the incubation groups you are enrolled in with each course or micro-module you take. A private group for all of our members to connect, collaborate with and be supported by others who are experiencing the same things as you. This is a brilliant business network backed by a strong code of conduct and privacy policy. This community will support you well after the course has concluded.

Learnivation Connections

Share and connect with our like-minded community members. Look up, connect with and refer to other Learnivation members. Be supported the more you do this with incentives, promotions and accreditations.

Learnivation Watch

As our knowledge grows along-side yours, we expand our range of supportive videos. This space is your very own business channel featuring local business experts across Australia.

*Learnivation only guarantees free access to our community while enrolled in our courses.


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