Human Optimiser Micro-Module


Do you have the tools and know-how to lead your life, career and or business?
Thanks to neuroscience, we now know that all human potential is unlimited. Are you living up to your potential?
The human optimiser module is designed to empower you as an individual with a toolkit that will assist you in optimising your life, career or business.


About the Micro-Module

In this module, we help you unlock the keys to your potential so that you can lead the life you’ve always wanted.
We do this firstly by helping you to learn more about yourself. Using a range of activities and experiences backed by neuroscience, positive psychology, and coaching methodologies, we help unpack what makes you tick. We will help you understand why you do what you do and build your awareness to change the things that hold you back and cause you to become ‘stuck’, ‘lost’, or lose motivation.

With our toolkit, you have access to more energy and motivation and higher work satisfaction. You will walk out of this module with a more profound sense of purpose, direction and confidence in yourself and your future. We will empower you to broaden your thinking, find new ways to work, and ultimately reframe how you live your life. Unlock your human potential, supported by us (people who have done it and are still actively doing it).

Why learn with us?

Do you feel like you’re not quite meeting your potential but aren’t sure where to start? Our human optimiser module is designed to help people discover their strengths, work on their weaknesses, and explore their interests and how their interests could grow and enhance their career or business. If you find yourself stuck in an uninspiring job, feel like a career change or want to activate your business ideas/plans or perhaps you need a little more validation of what direction to go in within your career or business, our human optimiser course can help guide you along the right path.

Live Q&A Lessons

Our delivery method

This Miro-Module is delivered over 14 weeks including a series of 12 interactive live workshops held via Zoom and facilitated by our accredited business trainers and coaches, who will guide you through and keep you accountable, so no learner gets left behind.

At the conclusion of the module, we will advance your learning journey with a one-on-one educational coaching session. Held with your dedicated educational coach, your one-on-one coaching session will assist you to leverage off the learning within the workshops and keep you accountable for actioning and achieving your goals. The workshops will be backed by an extensive range of online learning resources, including a social learning space, enabling you to connect with and be supported by a strong network of peers, with whom you can share videos, articles, and various educational resources throughout your learning journey.

The learning agenda

This module is broken down into the following four sections that we will cover over the next twelve weeks:

  1. Personal Purpose
  2. Personal Planning 
  3. Personal Profiling 
  4. Personal Performance

Section One: Personal Purpose

Within this section, we will unpack your personal purpose by delving deep into your own brain to define who you are and what your purpose is that is calling you. Clarifying your personal purpose is made up of clarifying your personal values and beliefs. Your sense of purpose steers how you want your story in business and in life to unfold. When you are clear on your personal purpose, life and business feel a lot clearer and motivation is far easier to tap into.

Section Two: Personal Planning

A vision without a plan to achieve it is simply a wish, and something that may feel impossible. Planning makes ideas and visions feasible goals that you can achieve in your life. Within this section, we build on the awareness you’ve built in section one and facilitate you to construct a plan to actualise your vision.

Section Three: Personal Profiling

Within this section, we support you to get to know yourself better through understanding your thinking preferences. We will draw on the science of Hermann’s Brain Dominance Profiling Tool and assist you to understand and uncover the supportive and supportive thinking patterns you hold.

Section Four: Personal Performance

A plan without action implemented is something that will be forgotten. This section facilitates you to reorganise your schedules and your lives in order to re-prioritise the things that are important to you. We will share supportive tools and techniques to enable you to transition your personal and professional life to be able to live on purpose and step towards achieving your goals.

What tools do we include?

Learn from the latest findings in positive psychology, brain dominance neuroscience and conversational intelligence, to support you in creating clarity around your purpose. Within this module, we will take you through a range of personal, career and business development tools including the Herrmann Brain Dominance thinking preference profiling tool. These tools and our unique delivery methods will give you a helping hand to utilise your new understanding of yourself and your strengths, and to model out a new or better career or business. We will keep you accountable every step of the way for implementing the required actions to start kicking your business and or personal goals.

Delivered over fourteen weeks via live facilitated workshops, video Q&As, an interactive online space to collaborate and connect with the like-minded community of business learners and leaders who can help you actualise your ideas and grow your business.

What are the Accreditations?

This micro-module is accredited by three units of competency, contributing to the BSB30220 Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business or the BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management:

  • BSBPEF302 Develop self-awareness
  • BSBPEF403 Lead personal development
  • BSBPEF401 Manage personal health and wellbeing

When can you start?

We consider applications year-round, so be sure to get in touch if you’d like to get started. However, we do recommend getting in quickly at the start and mid-year, as workshops are capped at ten students. Our small workshop numbers enable us to ensure that you not only understand but take on your learning!

Express interest now!

Not sure if this is for you yet, but interested in exploring how the Human Optimiser can support you and your business? Give us a call on 07 3053 3167, email [email protected] or use our online form and we’ll be in touch shortly. Book a free Needs Analysis with one of our leading Educational coaches.


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