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1. Purpose Statement

Purpose Statement – Learner Instructions

In this activity, your goal is to name your purpose with just two words ‘Why’, so that you have this as one of the most fundamental guiding principles in your life and all of the work (‘doing’) you attend to. 

It will be the lighthouse beacon that keeps you on track when the lights in your life appear to go out. It will be the light that brightens when you get closer to your vision.

It will facilitate important decisions in your life, for example, you can ask yourself, is this “purpose statement” and if the answer is no, you will feel clearer in the decision that follows. 


Step 1 – Complete the journaling reflection activity for this week, this will form part of your investigation process into uncovering your purpose statement.

Step 2 – Look back over your responses, what do you notice. What is the common them, what do you keep doing? 

Recognise the words and theme that pulls the gut and heartstrings. Dig deep.

Step 3 –  Circle or lust out all of the doing words, that have appeared over and over. Words like, ‘helping’, ‘sparking’, ‘influencing’, ‘maximising’. Which one of these do you feel is the most important?

Step 4 –  Circle or list out all of the words that capture the object of your purpose. It will be end goal type words, ‘growth’, ‘potential’, ‘joy’.

Step 5 – Once you have one word, ask yourself, if there are any words that are even more important than these, what would it be?

Sometimes newer, more powerful words will emerge.

You might use this template to help facilitate you in bring the words together:

I serve by….                                                  (doing word)

My reason for being is….                           (end goal – noun)

This activity was adapted from Kevin W McCarthy’s two-word purpose activity. 

Submissions method

Upload your two-word purpose statement here. 

Next session, we will draw on your purpose statement as the starting point of the Pillars of Purpose Board in Miro.

This entire board will be required to be exported and uploaded into your final submission once’ you’ve completed the entire Pillars of Purpose Board (week 4).


Journal Question 1

What is your two (2) word Purpose Statement?