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1. Purpose Journal

A reflective journal is a powerful learning and development tool that will empower you to gain mental clarity and deepen your understanding of the concepts we explore within each of the topics of this Program.

Through the art of journaling, we aim to support you in deepening your knowledge and understanding, whilst also collecting evidence of your newly formed knowledge that can be submitted to your educational coach for feedback.

Each week request that you commit to at least one reflective journaling piece, based on the topic covered within our weekly session and the question proposed.

Whilst we only require one journal submission per week (12 in total) we encourage you where possible to make this a daily activity.

Don’t worry too much about spelling or grammar, the key focus is that once you begin writing about the topic you continue for at least 15 to 20 minutes. This should result in at least three paragraphs of sentences addressing the topic at hand.

In line with upgrading your mental software, we encourage you to let go and really explore your deepest thoughts, emotions and beliefs around the topics at hand.

Your journal should share your understanding of each of the questions posed, through a personal reflection of the concept, brought to life by an example/story where you have experienced the concept in your personal or professional life.

This Session’s Journal Focus

This week we want you to focus on journaling the things that give you passion in order to better understand your purpose and help support you in creating your purpose statement.

Answer the following questions without thinking too much, just journal a paragraph or two for each question, with the first thing/s that come to mind.

Do this activity before you develop your Purpose Statement, as the reflection involved in these journal questions will support you in identifying your purpose.

Accepted submission formats:

Your reflective journal must be submitted in the form of a written reflection.

Submission and saving: If you have cookies enabled on your browser your answers should progressively save.

Feel free to write your answers elsewhere and then upload them. To help your brain start reflecting in preparation for your journaling, the questions we ask are: