Gain recognised accreditations with our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process


What is RPL?

Our RPL is a government-mandated process where you can receive recognition for your prior learning experiences and for the skills you’ve gained from the workplace or running your own business. 

If you wish to, we can assess your previously acquired knowledge and skills to give you recognition for units of competency under a qualification or for a complete qualification. 

Why choose an RPL process?


The RPL assessment process used for gaining nationally-recognised qualifications uses a wide range of factors to determine your competency for certain qualifications. These factors include any education (formal or non-formal), employment (paid or voluntary) and related life experiences you gained in Australia as well as other countries.

Recognise your skills and experience in a nationally recognised qualification may: 

    • Improve your employment opportunities and career prospects –  businesses often look for formal qualifications that prove you meet relevant industry standards and licensing requirements.
    • Give your personal brand credibility and recognition  – clients and customers are more likely to engage you if you have recognised skill sets
    • Help attain support with investors, banks and business expansion – Formal validation of skills and knowledge through qualifications could help to support you building trust with business partners, business loans and or investors.


Currently we are able to offer two qualifications under a Recognition of Prior Learning Assessment Pathway

BSB30220 – Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business

SB40520 – Certificate IV in Leadership and Management


Get started with us today, it is easy, simply select 1, 2 or 3…


1. Free 20 Min RPL Session

In your free 20 minute session with one , we will identify the possibility for you to gain a full or partial RPL towards one of our Nationally Recognised Qualifications.

2. Enrol in a Minutes

If after the FREE discussion you and the Business Assessor believe you may be eligible for a full or partial RPL for one of our Qualifications, we will send you through our enrolment pack.

Once enrolled we will send you a RPL guide and kick start the RPL process! You will be guided the entire way through the RPL process.


Or 3. Chat to Us Today

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Reach out to us and have a chat, we’d love to support you to identify the best learning or assessment pathway in business for you!