Defining Purpose

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Deep down most of us know what we really want, yet many of us are actually quite scared of uncovering it and then living by it.

If you are like the many people we work with,  you too want;

  • Feel appreciated, valued and understood for who you are and what you do
  • You want to be Meaningful relationships
  • Work that fulfils a sense of meaning in your life
  • But also earning a good income, so you have a strong sense of security 
  • You want to make a difference in the world and actualise the full hierarchy of needs 
  • Peace of mind and a sense of knowing you are on track and making a difference in the world.

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Living and working on purpose means to be;

  • Fulfilled by what you are doing
  • Gain energy from your thoughts and actions 
  • Have a high mojo 
  • Be full of hope, 
  • Feel connected and
  • Inflow state
  • Being confident in saying  ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to things, as you know if they fit in with what you’re doing.
  • When you’re living life ‘on purpose’ you are living life with intention and consciousness. You respond to life in a space of love, rather than fear.

You’re moving forward proactively rather than moving reactively to prevent your fears from actualising (loss of money, loss of a job, loss of relationships).

The purpose is your reason for being, it is the ‘why behind’ why you choose certain work or why any business exists.

It is the deep deep DNA, your reason for ‘being’ or in the words of Mr Gifford, it is your Spiritual DNA. 

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Your purpose is the golden thread that binds everything together in your life and ironically once you discover it you may start to notice it’s been there the whole time since you were a little tacker (child).

Consider electricity, it’s always been there, but it wasn’t always discovered, your sense of purpose is like there, you carry it with you always, but perhaps you just haven’t noticed it yet. 

“Personal Purpose shows up in your past, present and future, it is eternal.” 
Edward Gifford


There is something special about naming a child. There’s a silent power in the process of selecting words that represent a personality, a DNA that has actualised into the world. Naming your purpose in two words is much the same process.

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This week, our action activities for you, are:

  1. Develop a Purpose Statement: define your purpose statement in two words and;
  2. Purpose Journal – reflect on this process with your first journal entry.

For full activity instructions, click ‘mark complete’ and then jump into the activities starting with the Purpose Statement first.