Learning Experience

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All of the things we offer you in our programs are actionable, relevant tools that will support you in your work, business or in general life.

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Whilst sharing our knowledge and experience with you is one of the ultimate tools we are armed with, we draw on a range of different electronic tools to support your learning and development. The key ones you need to know now are:

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Zoom is our video conferencing tool, all of our live workshops will be conducted in this. To make the most of your session, we encourage you to use a computer to access the sessions. This will make your experience easier to navigate and interact within our sessions. We also request that you have your camera on, being able to see who we are interacting with enhances the workshop experience and helps us better support you and your needs. Actions (body language) often speaks louder than words!

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Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard platform that is used to bring teams together, anytime, anywhere. As part of you joining our community, we offer you a free license the entire time you are a learner with us.

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We use Miro to:

  • Facilitate our activities within our live lessons 
  • Deliver and assess your learning and assessment tools (also referred to as templates), which are often the basis of a learning activity or Assessment tool
  • Collaborate one-on-one with you 

Within your Miro, we have created a Project for you, within this project we encourage you to share all of the tools relevant to your Program or Learning Stream. The project is only accessible by you and your direct Educational Business Coaches. No one else can assess it unless you share it with them.

You are free to create any other projects, or boards to support you in your work or everyday life. Any Action tools you create in Miro you can collaborate on with your Educational Business Coach. However, this won’t be officially marked until you upload it in the relevant assessment section within your learning or program.

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Download the Miro Application

We encourage you to download Miros’ app, to your phone, tablet or computer, this will make your access even easier. The app is great when you get ideas on the go and want to add them to your plans!

Download the app’s here: https://miro.com/apps/

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Accessing your first module.

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Please note; the first session content will not become available until the day of your first live session.

Each week we will release the next session content. The online content is to support the topics and activities discussed in the live session and as a result, should be viewed after the live session.

This is to keep you focused on the topics and progressively completing the actions we set each week. 

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Ready to get started in your program?

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Welcome aboard, we look forward to working with you in the live workshops, see you online! By clicking ‘Mark Complete’.

We look forward to seeing you, in your very first live session!


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Common Questions

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If I’m only starting with a Program can I go on to complete a full Learning Stream to complete a qualification?

Yes, you can! You can jump into any Program, and when you love it, you can enrol in the rest of the Programs that enable you to complete the entire Learning Stream.

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I have prior experience, can I get recognition of my prior learning or experiences?

Yes, you can. We offer full recognition of prior learning pathways for all of our units of competencies and qualifications. If you notice along your learning experience, that you have already got experience that could save you doing assessments, feel free to have a chat with your Trainer and Coach and we can support you in identifying if you could get some of your previous experience recognised, which could save you time on completing assessments.

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What are my rights and responsibilities as a Learner of Learnivation?

As mentioned in our Kickstarter Kit (your enrolment process), we have a range of policies and procedures to support you in all of your learning and assessment experiences. You can access these at any time here: Learner Guide

We also encourage you to reach out at any time to your Trainer and Coach, with any questions that may arise along your learning journey.

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Have another question?

You can contact your Trainer and Coach at anytime using a range of methods:

The Learnivation Q&A for anything content related.

You can also contact your Trainer using the Chat feature, email or messaging through our community site.

Your learning tools


  • This learning space 
  • The community Space 
  • The video