Learning Tools

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Within this Program we will use the following tools to help support your learning and development.

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A personal development planning tool. We will provide you with a supportive template in Miro. This tool will be progressively completed over the first four weeks of our Program, facilitating your awareness of your personal purpose.

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This is a series of 12 reflective journal entries that will support your learning and assist us in determining if you have gained the required knowledge.

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A personal development planning tool. We will provide you with a supportive template in Miro. This tool will be progressively completed over the last 6 weeks of the Program, enabling you to activate all of the things you’ve learnt.

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At the end of week twelve, you will have a conversation with your coach and trainer. The primary purpose of this coaching conversation is to further support your personal learning and development, part of the conversation will contribute to your overall assessment suite for this Program. 

 Evidence of your skills and knowledge shared in the conversation will be documented contributing to your assessment suite for this Program.

 For assessment purposes, this is technically known as a competency conversation.

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Submissions Guidelines

All action items are to be developed within the relevant spaces i.e. within Miro or other supportive tools outlined in this book or as discussed in the live lessons. The submission should be uploaded to your learning space, if you’re enrolled in the educational coaching stream and would like feedback. For example, if you create your pillars of purpose in Miro, your final submission of this tool should be exported and uploaded to the assessment submission in your learning space for this Program. 

Submission timing is outlined within each of the assessment tools themselves, but here is a quick summary to guide you.

If you require assistance in your submission or are unable to access our online submission areas, you may request assistance or a manual submission option directly from your Educational Business Coach/trainer.

Action FocusFinal Submission Due
Pillars of PurposeAt the end of week 4.
Playbook To be completed by the end of week 12. 
Journal At the end of week 12.
Coaching Session Two weeks after week 12 – Week 14. 

Each of these once drafted and developed by you will be required to be submitted.

Actionable Resources

In order to successfully completing your action requirements, you will need access to:

  • The internet 
  • A computer 
  • A real business you are currently developing, operating or leading.

Business resources to support the development of the business in alignment with the goals of the business you set during our program.

We will support you by providing:

  • A license to Miro 
  • Actionable business tools