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Welcome to the Idea Validator; this micro-module is underpinned by the following two units that contribute to the Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business:

  • BSBCRT411 Apply critical thinking to work practices
  • BSBESB301 Investigate business opportunities

This module aims to assist you in building the skills and knowledge required to identify and model out a business opportunity or idea. In the journey, you will research to determine the viability of the options and ideas created..

To identify, formulate and explore your idea, you will be required to use and develop advanced-level critical thinking skills in a business. We will cover how to use methods of analysis, synthesis and evaluation. We will get you working on a range of planning tools, all designed to assist you in finding, refining and modelling out new or existing business ideas.

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In this micro-module, you’ll be drawing on your workplace or business to complete the module’s learning and assessment activities. This module is broken down into the following four sections that we will cover over the next twelve weeks:

  1. Ideate & Create
  2. Research & Investigate
  3. Test & Trial
  4. Review & Refine

Section One: Ideate & Create

We will unpack and explore your business ideas within this section, building links between your business ideas and your personal goals, work preferences, and ideal future. After completing this module section, you will have one or two business ideas that you can focus on.

Section Two: Research & Investigate 

To understand what’s involved with a business idea, you need to investigate it. Within section two of the module, we will uncover the market and industry facts around this business idea. Through hands-on research we will build your understanding of;

  • the potential market
  • who the customers are
  • who your  potential competitors are and what they are up to…so that you are empowered with the required knowledge to design a business model that is unique and offers value to the market.

Section Three: Test & Trial

In section three, we get you out there testing and trialling your concept using a design, prototype or sample. We support you in testing and trialling your idea, seeking client, customer and stakeholder feedback and input to drill down and hone in and improve  your ideas. This section of the module is your opportunity to identify and unpack any assumptions you might have around the business concept/s.

Section Four: Review & Refine

The positive impacts of testing and trialling are only actualised when you review your findings and integrate their learnings to improve and optimise your ideas moving forward. This section will take your learnings, update your business model, and identify the vital steps to move forward. A positive outcome here is determining if your idea is or isn’t feasible to move forward with.


Ways of Thinking Human optimiser lesson

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