Why missions?

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If the things you do are in alignment with your personal purpose, your energy, and your motivation, your inner driving force will remain strong. This session is all about building a clearer picture of the things you’d like to ‘do’ to support you in building your ideal future, your vision.

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The story of the Wright brothers  – Wilbur and Orville – was a true reflection of this assertion. They set out to achieve the impossible with minimal support from an enthusiastic and committed group in their hometown of Dayton, Ohio. Their dream and passion of flying their own flying machine paid off on December 17, 1903 when a small group witnessed a man take flight for the first time in history. They had no high-level connections. No government grants. No funding for their venture. Not a single person on the team had an advanced degree or even a college education. All they had was a dream backed by a personal purpose, motivation and inner driving force. They never gave up on themselves in spite of the dearth of external support. Others like Samuel Pierpont Langley, had the same dream and motivation with better support, they were better equipped, better funded and a better-educated team. But they failed in the long run.

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What was the secret of Wilbur and Orville Wright? What was the motivation behind their drive? What was the prerequisite for their success? Their motivation and eventual success were premised on the question: “Why”. They were able to discover and define the “why” of their passion and purpose after which the development of their dream was just a walk in the park. Note this, if your driving force is only money (not a deeper sense of purpose), the outcome will never be the same.